Our process in 6 steps

In this process, six steps are carefully followed to ensure that the requirements and objectives are precisely met. Each of these steps is designed to ensure the best possible match between the candidate's needs and skills. This allows for an efficient and successful filling of each open position.


Kick-off meeting 1-2 hours

Requirements analysis

It is important to understand what is being sought: is it a targeted reinforcement of a single person via headhunting, is it a (hidden) replacement or new appointment, or are we talking about strategic growth over several months or even years. An initial kick-off meeting is crucial to understand the company and the vacancy(ies) for a successful collaboration. Together we define the perfect candidate profile.

  • Direct search order or success-based
  • Transparent communication
  • Joint definition of the candidate profile

1-4 weeks

Search & Find

Thanks to our AI-based CRM, we are able to present precisely matched candidates to clients much more quickly and automatically. In addition, experts analyze the current job market and identify suitable opportunities in the tech industry. This ensures fast and high-quality results.

  • AI-based fast and automated search
  • 360° network
  • Fast and high quality
  • Optional: Launch of social media campaigns on Meta (Facebook and Instagram), YouTube, LinkedIn or TikTok.



5-8 week


3-4 promising candidates are presented. Thanks to the high-quality pre-selection, the goals, mindset and ideas match the mutual expectations and result in an optimal match.

  • Perfect fit
  • Professionally tested
  • Comprehensive insight

1-10 weeks

Process support

Conducting pre- and post-interview consultations for the respective interview steps in order to identify suitable candidates.

  • Transparent, hanseatic communication
  • Expert advice and assessment regarding the best possible candidates
  • Optional continuous reports
  • Optional interview support and quality check by the HR department
  • Optional assumption of the salary negotiation
  • Optional reference check



9-10 week


Digital contract signing

We focus on building long-term relationships and the stability of the filled vacancy(ies) by using qualified freelancers when needed to ensure a seamless bridging - until the permanent filling has started.

  • Relief through freelancers
  • Requirements analysis for the next vacancy

From new line-up

Final discussion

After the placement, we conduct final interviews and exchange meetings after 4, 8 and 12 weeks with both applicants and managers, but always separately. The aim is to find out the current status and ensure that all parties are satisfied.

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Feedback
  • Long-term support


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