Our process in 6 steps

The path to your dream position is clearly structured: The goal is achieved in six efficient steps. Each of these steps is specifically designed to take individual needs into account in the best possible way and to shape the path to the desired position in a targeted and successful manner.


Kick-off meeting 1-2 hours

Get to know

The process begins with an individual interview to understand skills, interests and career goals. In addition to reviewing specialist knowledge, the focus is on the individual and the associated wishes and ideas.

  • What is personally important (values, goals, wishes)?
  • Where should the journey take you (career goals, life goals)?
  • What personal, professional and cultural preferences define the ideal working environment?

1-4 weeks

Market analysis and opportunities

Experts analyze the current job market and identify suitable opportunities in the tech industry. The options available on the market are explored. The added value lies in the fact that an extensive network provides access to exclusive job offers that are otherwise not public or do not yet exist.

  • Qualitative pre-selection, advice on inclinations and actual vs. target status
  • Agreement with your information
  • Cross-industry results



5-8 week


A careful selection of diversified positions is presented, which are matched on the basis of the specified criteria. These are discussed together to determine the best fit. Ideally, several positions are considered and a list of pros and cons is drawn up in order to find the best solution together. If approved, a suitable candidate is introduced to the selected companies.

  • Diversified proposals
  • Joint selection
  • Access to exciting companies with insights through 360° network

1-10 weeks

Process support

Experts provide support in creating application documents, preparing for job interviews and the subsequent analysis. In addition, advice on salary negotiations is offered or, if desired, taken over completely.

  • Coordination for the job interview
  • Preparation for appointments
  • Optional assumption of the salary negotiation



9-10 week


We discuss the contract in detail. As soon as all open points and questions have been clarified, the contract can be signed digitally straight away. Our added value is a faster process and a corresponding countersignature in the shortest possible time.

  • Joint contract review
  • Digital contract signing
  • Congratulations on the new career path

From new position

Final discussion

After the placement, final interviews and exchange meetings are held after 4, 8 and 12 weeks with both the person placed and the management, but always separately. The aim is to ascertain the current status and ensure that all parties are satisfied. Ongoing support and career advice are also offered after the placement. Meetings are scheduled at regular intervals to review the progress and satisfaction of all parties involved.

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Open, honest feedback
  • Long-term support


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